I'll spend an hour with sam

It's still raining (I know) and I feel like talking about Sam Smith (like always),
 so here's ten things that are great about Sam Smith.

1. His voice.
2. The fact that he cites Amy Winehouse as his biggest inspiration. Same.
3. You can hear that inspiration in his music.
4. Oh yeah, his music. That he writes himself.
5. He makes slow songs that don't feel like the worst part of a middle school dance.
6. He pulls an Adele whenever he performs. It's just him, the lights, and sometimes, ASAP Rocky.
7. LYRICS. He's a male Taylor Swift, and his game is on her level.
8. This "pre-fame but still radder than the average" interview.
9.  He's Alfie Allen's third cousin. (Yes, he's related to Lily Allen too but gAME OF THRONES.)
10. He's Sam Smith.

His music is interesting in its simplicity. It is unapologetically honest, and I think there's something beautiful in that. His music is not music you get obsessed with, then forget about in a month. It's music that you form a low burning love for.  You feel it, even if you in no way relate. Sort of like me and Wes Anderson films, or you guys and my humor.

I can't even remember what the point of this was except that I am in love with Like I Can.

Okay, time to go paddle out my back yard. Serious question: do you think The Ark has wifi?

x J

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sunshine on a cloudy day || SECOND SUNDAY OF DECEMBER GIVEAWAY

Holla at LA for the long lost thowback post

It's beginning to look a lot like (not at all like) Christmassss. So let's talk about summer.

Now, if you live in California, you know that we only have summer and cold summer, and you should just skip this part and go straight to entering the giveaway. Everyone else: summer means sunshine. Sunshine is great, until you realize that you can't see, which brings me to.....


I'm pairing up with our homeskittles at ZeroUV to give away not one, but TWO pair of sunglasses. (see: gift guide)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you happen to have one of those "winter" things, these will also maybe help with the piercing reflections I've heard come off snow. And they keep water off your eyeliner, if you're willing to put up with the darkness that will engulf you when you wear sunglasses in the rain. 

As a final perk: if you wear sunglasses inside and someone asks why, you get to say
"Because my future is too bright."

x J

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let me guide you to christmas: a gift guide

I sound like a liar but I promise it's the truth - I love giving gifts, even more than getting them. Finding someone that perfect thingIt's usually something they didn't even realize they wanted until they saw that you had it and tried to steal it. That's how you know it's perfect.

In the spirit of proper gift guide making, I did what Oprah does it -
 I had a bunch of other people suggest things they love. Then I veto'd them all and picked things I love. It got pretty long, but let's have a little breakdown:

1: Dogeared necklaces are the fastest way to show the love
and this Buddha brings some extra happy karma.


3: If you live on the Best Coast, you can buy friendship with sunglasses.

4: My pink Casio is a statement piece, but gold is a perfectly matching classic.

5: Stella & Bow studs are the perfect basic to build an ear party with.

6: Girl Boss = girl (and boy) bible.

7: Minimergency kits are the perfect gift for that person whose entire life is an emergency. 
*cough* me *cough*

8: You know that one friend who refuses to get on twitter but comes up with perfect one-liners?   
Get them a Leuchtterm 1917 notebook.

9: The greatest gift you can give anyone is a good set of earbuds. Trust me and Happy Plugs. 

10: Boring sneakers are boring, get leopard print Vans instead.

11: Sunny Dushanka backpacks are the solution to style vs space.

12:  Benetint is always a benefit. (I'm sorry)
This list actually goes on for ages, you can check it out here.  I'll also be updating it constantly until Christmas, because fresh finds ya know.
Don't forget: the best gift you can give the people you love is a happy loved one, 
so get yourself some presents too. (Airtight logic)

x Justina, Santa in Training

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swamp witch || first sunday of december giveaway



So here is what happened: 
Netflix put the entire season of Coven on this morning at midnight. Since then, I have watched  seven episodes. I don't know how, or when. It just happened. Now, I have strong black rings under my eyes, and a stronger desire for black clothing. I am, however, always more Misty Day than Zoe Benson in my soul, and thus this kimono is the perfect topper. No swamp mud though, sorry.

This means PRESENTS. As you know, every week of December I give away a little somethin-somethin from one of my favorite brands. To get things rolling, this week one of you lucky ducks will be getting a surprise parcel from me filled to the brim with things I love.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let's get this thing a'jingling.

x Justina

ps. this song totally should have been the Coven themesong.

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more stripes and sunshine

 I have two settings - stripes or sweaters. There's honestly no inbetween at this point. 

It is utterly RIDICULOUS that I can dress like this in December. 
California, you're beginning to upset me with your persistence in the face of proper winter weather. The sun can take a holiday over the holidays, okay?

I've talked about all of this before so just enjoy the fact that I have found yet another way to style a striped shirt. Going for a world record. I will say, however, that these jeans are 500% better than I expected. I bought them in a cranberry-sauce-induced haze around 12:45am on Black Friday, and promptly forgot about them. Then they arrived, and I was fully expecting them to tear the moment they touched air, but surprise surprise. Of course, they don't fit in the waist, but you can only have it all in one pair at a time. 

Who's ready for Sunday? 
It's the first Sunday of December, and that means two things:

1. My mum will light the advent wreath and we will all hold our breath and hope it doesn't completely go up in flames.
 You know you've been waiting for it. Or you haven't and now you've been pleasantly surprised.

See you on Sunday.

x Justina

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leopard print moons

sweater c.o. element eden
jeans c.o. dstld
sneakers : vans
umbrella : ikea

Fun fact:
 if you try and take outfit photos in the rain, no matter how fly your outfit is, two things will happen:
1. 9/10 photos will be blurry and rainspotted.
2. You will inevitably get splashed with a puddle.

 This sweater is perfect. Not only does it totally fall into that "lightweight but cuddly" category, but it perfectly channels the borderline spookiness of it's namesake state, Louisiana. If you've seen AHS: Coven, you know that Nawlins is where the witches ah.

BUT BACK ON POINT. I have a lot I want to talk about so lets roll in:

1| Black Friday was really scary. There are CRAZY people out there folks. I didn't even try to shop, but I work in the mall, so it simply couldn't be avoided. I just sort of...slipped into the Vans store. I swear.  Next thing I know, I'm on the ground floor with a bag and a pair of leopard print sneakers. I haven't taken them off yet. They're so flat, it's insane.

2| How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did you eat loads? I sat at the table an extra hour because I couldn't move. (But don't tell my mum, she thought it was because I was enjoying her pie.)

3| IT'S DECEMBER. How insane is that? December is busiest month of the year, both in "real life" and here. If you're new, here's a quick rundown of all the fun stuff:
 - Four Sundays of December - every Sunday of December I host a week-long giveaway. YAY PRESENTS.
 - A Bent Piece Of Wire Awards - Starting Friday, you can send in your nominations for the best of this year, from models to magazines.
 - SO MANY OUTFIT POSTS. Christmas parties, gift exchanges, New Years!! This is the month of the many outfit swaps.
 - *Really Big Top Secret News* I can't tell you about this yet.

Time to bust out the cookies and Christmas lights - it's about to get real jolly up in here.

x Justina

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PHOTOS taken using FUJIFILM X30

The title isn't a typo. It's Thanksgiving, so there's a 10/10 chance I am already full up to my eyes with food. I'm also full of thankfulness for so many things. Basically, I'm going to explode, and it could be either from thanks or mashed potatoes, and we may never know.

You guys ask me a lot if I "get used to this.". Here's the answer: no. nah. nope. never. I wake up every morning, and read your tweets, and your emails, and for you odd birds who use it, instagram dms, and I get so excited. I read them all to my mum, and  my friends, and my postman who complains about carrying my parcels up the ten foot drive. My main goal is to never get used to it. I am so lucky to have such a cool job where I get to talk about, and to, the things and people I love. That includes you. I know I say this every year, and I can feel you rolling your eyes young lady, but this year, I'm thankful for you. Thank you for reading, and commenting, and (hopefully) laughing. You're the real MVP.

So as you're sitting in your comfy pants watching Snoopy for the 900th time, just know I'm thinking about you. I am also sitting in my comfy pants watching Snoopy.

x Justina

ps. Some other things I'm thankful for:

*comfy pants
*my weird friends who are weird but also wonderful
*people who answer emails first thing in the morning
*mums who challenge their thirteen year old daughter to keep up a blog for "two weeks"

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justina's thoughts from the american music awards


The funniest part about the American Music awards is that the biggest winners of the night were British. 

As you know, I love live-tweeting award shows + forming opinions that get shared with no one but my mum and my dog and YOU. You lucky duck. 
 So in no particular order: 

 1. One Direction's "Night Changes" set makes them look like they're waiting for The Great Pumpkin.
 2. Sam Smith just blessed us all with the gift of his voice. 
3.  I can go get snacks whenever there's a category with One Direction, because they're going to win.
4. People try to throw shade at Nicki, but she just killed everyone and brought them back to life.
 5. yo yo yo one direction, imma let you finish, but lorde has the best hair of anyone in that building
6. Is it a requirement that every boy band member has to wear jeans ripped at the knees?
 7. 5SOS are the new Australians on the block. Soz Iggy. But not really.
8.  Jessie J is the only person alive who can work a unitard like that.
9. Diana Ross is an absolute legend.
10. I'm glad I'm finally on board with Taylor, because it'd be really exhausting trying to not like her.

Missed opportunity: Calling it "The 2014 American Music Awards feat. Pitbull".

x Justina

ps. I've picked the winner of the giveaway! Check your email.
 If you didn't win, have no fear, because December is almost here.

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state game strong


this is a post specifically for people who don't live on the best coast

So in case you didn't notice that you can't leave in your house,
 (or you don't live in the United States at all and are just an innocent by-reader)
 - you're snowed in. You are literally under a block of ice. Elsa couldn't get you out. 

I felt like it would be unfair for me to flaunt my summery outfits in the sunshine, 
so instead,  I'm going to flaunt my sunset. And ocean. And California-grown sense of pride.

Best coast ain't a joke son

x Justina

ps. I am picking the winner of the Living Doll Giveaway - Monday might change your life.

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hoodie as heck

all photos + video shot with FUJIFILM X30 || for best quality watch in 720p


If you've ever talked to me for longer than five minutes/read my twitter/stolen my ipod you know that I love Hoodie Allen with a deep + real love. He's the only person I will fangirl on the internet for, 
and the only rapper I would actually want to be friends with. 
(Kanye, I'm still down to be co-world dominators if that's on the table)

I was going to write a super organized "we went to this insane concert and this is what happened" post, but we all know I can't actually do that, so here's a LIST! Yay.

In no particular order, here are some moments from 

1. The girls behind us in line outside kept talking about how much they loved "No Interruptions".
(There's a joke in that.)

2. After standing in line for a half hour, and my literally kicking the couple in front of us (horrible people who cut in line) we met Hoodie, and this is what I said: 

"I tweet you like five times a day."


 5. Hoodie's tour manager has the most on point beard I've ever seen, 
and his name is Michael Trueblood, which is the best thing I heard all weekend.

6. These ticket check-ing people are very serious about their jobs. They watched us sit in our seat.

7. MAX is bae.

8. Yeah Chiddy, we do all know the words to "Opposite Of Adults", even the people you dragged onstage knew it. It was impossible to escape it in 2010.

9. I like your teddy bear coat though.


At that point everything stopped being in focus and became a blur of loud noises (SF was the loudest stop on the whole tour), flashing lights, and some dude named Matt who kept getting in my shot. I do remember Hoodie trying to crowd surf on a raft and landing on a pile of twelve year old girls, throwing a cake at the boys in front of me (I hugged them after, and my shirt is going to smell like cheap chocolate cake forever),  and jump roping using a rope made of bras.
We screamed a lot, and danced even more (much to the embarrassment of everyone but us). I knew I'd forget half of it in general excitement, so I made a video. Basically, it was the greatest thing ever.

I photographed/filmed the whole concert using my new Fujifilm x30, and let me just tell you: this camera is the best thing that has ever happened to photography ever. I'm going to be shooting more life posts using it in the next couple of months, and trust me, we'll be able to start a fan club.

My ears are still ringing. It's amazing. 

I'm all about it. 

x Justina

ps. How did you feel about the video? What was your favorite part? DO YOU LISTEN TO HOODIE ALLEN TOO!?!?!

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