willkommen zum deutschland

video filmed with fujifilm x30 

Look who made it across the planet in one piece. Ish. One suitcase, one carry on, one backpack, two MOPHIE recharges, a ten hour flight and nine hour time difference later, I am in the land of the pretzels. Because I do not believe in reasonable things like "resting up" and "adapting naturally",  I decided that I would not allow jet lag to touch me, and promptly began adventuring.

Here are some things I have learned in my first few days in Germany:

1. Everyone parks wherever they want, including on the actual sidewalk.

2. There is no such thing as an orderly city layout and you will get lost.


4. Aldi is what happens when target and Trader Joes have a baby and I've gone every single day

5. There are forests everywhere. Even in the middle of the city. #StadtWald

6. There are opportunities to eat everywhere, and you should accept them all.

7. You put change in shopping carts to make them go and it's genius.

8. Germans are obsessed with stairs, so no, there isn't an elevator.

9. It is not all dirndls and lederhosen - everyone dresses like they're in LA and I love it.

10. The only logical reason for Ueberraschungsei being banned in the US is that they're just too good and the government doesn't think the public can handle it.

The next three months are going to be crazy and great and I'm so excited that it's finally happening and YOU KNOW NOW. Seriously, not telling you guys was so stressful, a whole streak of my hair went *lowers voice*...straight.


PS. Do you live in Europe/did you visit somewhere cool/IS THERE SOMETHING IS SHOULD GO EAT?! Use the hashtag #JustinaInEurope on any social media so I can see - I'll be checking it regularly!

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time to go back

Full outfit c/o Kohl’s

Everyone likes to talk about the "first day of school outfit". But I want to draw attention to the fact that, since you have to go back after that first day, the "back to school" outfit is arguably much more important. These people are seeing you every day, after all, you can't let it go now. So when Kohl’s sent me out to track down a "Back To School" outfit in their stores, I took it VERY seriously. Like, two hours of shopping and a lot of hypothetical "what-if" scenarios SERIOUS. I also made a list of criteria the outfit had to meet: 

1. Aesthetically pleasing (obviously)
2. Versatile pieces i.e. you could use the stuff with other stuff to create more stuff
3. Situationally appropriate (I love heels, but the miles of halls in my school do not)
4. Comfortable, because why even wear clothes if they aren't
5. Easily customizable to your ~pErSoNaL bRaNd~

For my perfect 40th (nearly half through first semester) day of school outfit, I started with a black boyfriend tee, an easy basic. Then, I went for these very Leslie Knope-esque printed jeans. I snagged (literally) a burgundy cozy cardigan to a.) keep me snuggly and b.) add some color. Then I remembered that I am walking across campus approx. 8480382048 times a day, and how often my shoes are in my Starbucks snapchats, and went for the ultimate classic: white Chuck Taylor’s. This was the BEST sartorial decision I've made in ages. (And they were on sale.)

Now I will admit: I was not a super Kohl’s shopper and so not entirely sure what I was metaphorically walking into when I literally walked into my local Kohl’s. Now, my keen observation skills will be to your benefit. Here is what you will see: racks and racks and racks of things you want as far as your eyes work. Then, baskets, which you will use to collect all of your new treasure. On the racks themselves, little grey boxes of happiness displaying drastically reduced prices that are easily within the "Mum, I could wear this SO MUCH" range. Everything after that is just an enjoyable bout of shopping bliss. The place is an actual wonderland.

Ps: Criteria 6 for outfits: if you can't spontaneously dance in it for whatever vine trend is in right now, don't even bother. 

x J 

ps. friendly reminder: a gift card can't buy my love - Kohl’s compensated me for this, but I, like Drake, don't fake feelings. 

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all is revealed from a mile up


Oh my god. I have been keeping that inside for literally MONTHS. It felt like being the only person who knows that Adele is going on tour again. But there it is: TodayI, and A Bent Piece Of Wire, are heading across the pond. We’re going to Europe! For three months (basing out of Germany) I’ll be traveling, exploring, meeting my European readers, (i.e. you, if you live in Europe), theoretically ramping up my blog game, and celebrating my 18th (!!!) birthday! IMMA BE AN ADULT. Well, legally. Kind of.

Side note: I am currently sitting in the airport typing this, and there is a woman staring at me just because I am talking out loud to my computer. This is what I put up with for you guys.

Do you live in Europe? Where? Do you have good coffee there? Good coffee is very important. 

x J

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we're going way up

backpack: c/o fjallraven
dress: cotton on

The Griffith Observatory isn't even a tradition for me - it's a straight up superstitious good luck happy life ritual. Every time I'm in LA, I make the ridiculously traffic-y ride up to the gleaming white building in the canyon. It's this one touristy thing that doesn't feel touristy at all, even when you're surrounded by more people from far than near. The view makes me feel the way I imagine people who like New York feel when at the top of the Empire State building, like - hey, I'm tiny and this city is massive and amazing but I'm HERE and life is GOOD and WOW this is happening to me. Even the smog looks pretty from that high up. 

Other things that look pretty: MY BACK PACK. Now that I've given up on being a grown up with a grown up purse, and accepted the rucksack life style, I am feeling it. You can fit all of the things in it, and not worry about being too rough or running out of pockets. Plus...pink. 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...kind of. You know The Big Secret? The one I've been keeping for months and months, just dropping numbered days? This is the LAST POST BEFORE YOU FIND OUT. It's going to change everything. It'll be BTBS (Before The Big Secret) and ATBS (After The Big Secret) forever more. Thursday, on Instagram, it's all happening.  Don't be that one friend who doesn't know what's going on (aka all of mine)

Are you ready? This is gonna be fun.

x J 

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blue astro turf

Dress c.o Little Mistress
Shoes c.o BC Footwear

Do you ever have moments in your life where you're like "oh my god this is what I'm living right now"?? That was me ALL WEEKEND. If I tried to exactly capture it, it'd take me ages and you'd have to suffer through it and I don't want to do that to either of us, so HERE'S A LIST OF THINGS I THOUGHT ABOUT AT THE 2015 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS:

1. We're all going to melt.
2. Seriously, it's 105 degrees.
3. Waaait Hey Violet isn't Australian??
4. Greer dyed her hair, but Flynn Rider has a thing for brunettes, so I think she’s fine.
5. Fifteen minutes in, my phone has already given up and over heated.
6. Between the two of us, Brec Bassinger and I can't put up a velvet rope, but we can take some damn good selfies.
7. Maia Mitchell was the first celebrity I ever worked with and she's still one of my absolute faves.
8. The whole cast of Straight Outta Compton is here.
9. I'm glad KTA made me go see it with her, it was life changin- wait I'm the ONLY REPORTER HERE WHO'S SEEN IT?! ok.
10. I know nothing about Vine why do I know NOTHING ABOUT VINE THERE ARE VINE STARS EVERYWHERE
11. Always be nice to publicists. Always
12. Unless you have someone whose sole job it is to polish your scalp as you walk, you aren't on Flo Rida's level.
13. *gets into serious discussion about floral patterns with the boys of Forever in Your Mind*
14. ...aaand there goes my phone again. Great. 
15. Taking a selfie with Nash Grier aka "How loud can his fangirls scream at you before you go deaf"
16. Zendaya is an actual goddess and her advice for teenage girls is v important: Don’t grow up too fast. We have plenty of time to grow up, so just enjoy yourself.”
17. Steph Curry is exactly as great as I've always thought he was.
18. When are they going to start auditions for the fifth member of Little Mix?
19. Me in this moment with Fifth Harmony is why I never take group selfie-OH WAIT IT'S CUTE.
20. Why didn't I bring snacks with me?
21. This outfit was a good idea - I can still walk in my shoes and my dress has been complimented by Tyler Oakley which is always the goal.
22. There is no eye contact as uncomfortable as that between you and a celebrity when you are both in the line for the toilet.
24. Oops haven't used my selfie stick once today 
25. I am so hungry.

There were about a million and one more things running through my brain but, unlike Pokemon, there's really no way to catch it all. It just goes to show though: ask enough questions and eventually someone will let you loose on celebrities

x J  

ps. 7 days.

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light it up

shoes: bc footwear*
jeans: gap
top: little mistress*
rucksack: fjallraven*

Here is the cool thing about light: it changes. Not just photos, but moods, looks, even outfits. It can also make me look slightly more like a grown up, which is very strange and uncomfortable. I suppose this is a very grown-up outfit though (look at me go). I am OBSESSED with these boots. They're the perfect shoe for a place with no seasons, and give me a nice bit of height without the teetering effect that is so popular among boot aficionados. Also, this shirt is FLIPPY and I love it. Stripes, a criss cross. It's all going on. This was the perfect outfit for a girls day ramble around Davis with my friends. (Yes, there are multiple, KTA just happened to be the only one who stuck around, by choice or by force, for the photos.)

Remember the big secret I've been talking about for ages now? It's getting really close. But there's still a few things to be done, and this weekend is the kick off.

* S A T U R D A Y - I'm going to #BTSS with Teen Vogue! Check my insta for photos of Adam and I having a ball and pretending school doesn't involve math.

*S U N D A Y - *said all in one breath* I'M GOING TO THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS AGAIN YES THEY'RE LETTING ME COME BACK. The selfie queen is headed to LA to defend her title, and live tweet the whole thing for @huffpostteen, so be on the internets.

Good thing my shoes are comfy, I'm doing QUITE a bit of running around these days.

x J

ps. 13 days. It's getting closer.

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call me beep me it got ugly

tank: zara
pants:  abercrombie
purse: vintage

I'm baaaack. Bit of another unnecessary hiatus there. I don't know, August is a weird month. It's still technically summer but we all KNOW that school's coming along to end it. Time to test out all the weird outfits before actual people see them. Unless you're me, in which case you plaster them across the internet, because thousands of strangers are less scary than the person you're going to sit next to in English all semester. 

Today's thought train is "ugly" fashion" aka "What made the Man Repeller Repellent" (Until she got married??? To a man?? I have a lot of questions about that still.) Basically, it's all the stuff you wear because you like it/it's comfortable/it has loads of conveniently placed pockets but isn't cargo pants/it reminds you of a favorite childhood cartoon character. It's the stuff that you love but has never and will never be a trend. You will never match this item/outfit with your friends, and you've needed to accept that. (Birkenstocks kinda slid through on that one, but they're a very very extremely rare occurrence that I'm still not entirely convinced on.)

These pants are ugly fashion and I'm not even mad about it. I saw them in Abercrombie (my new habit of spending lots of money there is a post for another day okay) and my first thought was caLL ME BEEP ME BECAUSE I'M ABOUT TO GET KIM POSSIBLE PANTS AT LAST. I'd been waiting for this moment since I was 10. Then I got all up in the many pockets and zippers and rib stitching and it just kept getting better. They're great. They're also the hardest thing to style with anything without looking like you live in a bin somewhere. They're kind of a weird color, and kind of slouchy and have these tight ankles. Just a lot happening.  I went through every top I own (that's a LOT) before settling on this tank top and discovering the real secret to working with ugly fashion: you need to absolutely not care at all. Give up on wanting other people to like your pants, and just enjoy them.

 Kanye has been doing it since he discovered Balmain.

x J

ps. 21 days. That's all I can say here.

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get your friends out

 all photos and video taken with FUJIFILM X30 + FUJIFILM INSTAX

I'M BACK. I know I went dark for the last week, but it wasn't on purpose and you should be following me on instagram anyway. It's time. I was fully participating in the other side of my Hannah Montana deal, the part where I am 4-H Barbie. Our State Leadership Conference this summer was the culmination of 14 months of serving as a 2014-15 California 4-H State Ambassador, an adventure that not only brought the absolutely weirdest people ever into my life *cough* sallielylecolton *cough* but took me even deeper down the 4-H rabbit hole than I already was. As an Ambassador, I worked with my team to plan the conference, so that's what I've been doing. I also got to go to Disneyland, but if you missed the snapchats, you missed it, and there's nothing we can do (until I go again and remember my camera). I also had to wear the exact same outfit every day so there's no sartorial value at all.

The best thing about this week was that absolutely every single one of my insanely incredible friends was there. Over the last couple of months, I've had some deep thoughts about how important the people you surround yourself with are, and also realized that I've done a pretty decent job. I mean, they can't dance at all, but my humans are pretty great people. Plus, they usually have snacks on them.

I would like to put it out there that I am a terrible secret keeper because I usually am too excited to keep my mouth shut BUT in the next month, some REALLY BIG STUFF is happening, and you don't want to miss it. Stick around, bring your friends. We're about to go waaaay out there. 

Also, if your friends read this blog, they'll have one up on mine, who will probably never see this post ever and therefore never know that I say nice things about them to strangers. 

x J

ps. #ca4hsa15 (YOU'RE WELCOME)

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faking fitness

Here is a thing people do in the summer instead of actual fun stuff: work on their fitness. Gyms fill up, sneakers are dragged out of hiding, and the muscle tanks are pulled on. Here is a thing people also do: worry about how much more other people appear to be working out.

Don't do that.
 Here are some very handy tips on how to fake fitness, as illustrated in the photos above:

1. First, don some cute workout gear. Mine is Adidas NEO. (Also make sure you are wearing the wrong footwear.) Then find a public place with other vaguely fit people milling about doing sports and whatnot.

2. Be slightly glowing already (or if you sweat, that's okay too) and lean up against walls looking like you might have just run a bit of a half marathon.

3. Get your hair in order. Make a big show of nailing the perfect messy bun for your obviously rigorous routine.

4. Boxing is easy to fake. Bounce around a bit, pretend to punch some things. Make sure you have semi-decent form so you don't look ridiculous, but don't look serious enough that someone challenges you to a fight (especially if you're holding your arms as I am demonstrating, as you will get properly thrashed.)

5.  Appear to stretch intensively every ten minutes or so, as the chances are people are rotating, and this is the easiest way to pass time without actually putting up much effort.

6. Do some poses that might be yoga, but could also maybe be more stretching. Tai chi? Who knows.

7. Show off your guns. If you believe, so will everyone else.

Not even joking, people in the park thought I knew what I was doing. I was asked if I was a fitness blogger, which is making me question every fitness blogger I've ever seen doing a handstand on instagram.

Seriously though: it's summer, and, as my friends at Adidas NEO like to say: #NOWISEVERYTHING. (hashtag and all) You only get a few beautiful weeks of the best part of the year. Don't spend your summer worrying if doing 600 more squats will make it better. Go have fun, explore, spend time with your homies.

 Or if you're really attached to the whole work out thing: drag them to a park and at least have them photograph you for instagram. 

x J

pps. I honestly have no clue what I'm doing so please don't injure yourself trying to copy me.

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let's get cheeky

 I wear them, you (hopefully, if you're the person your mum and I have raised you to be) wear them.  Let's talk about underwear. I'll make it brief.

Underwear standards for women are ridiculous. Honestly. Society is trying to tell us that it is better to run about in ridiculously tiny knickers made of itchy fabric with rhinestones and lace and god knows what else. This is all a lie.  Because that is not comfortable + no way to treat ya bootay. But, as there always is when society is being silly, there is someone ~swimming against the tide~, in palm leaf printed briefs. Meet MeUndies. (Not MY undies, their name is "MeUndies", and they make MY undies. Clear?)

Lemme tell you - claiming to be "The Worlds Most Comfortable Underwear" is big talk for a small company out of LA. I was skeptical, to say the least, and determined to make them earn it. Thus launching two weeks of very serious underwear studies. (I can totally say this with a straight face too.) From their boyshorts to their cheeky briefs, I tried 'em all. Here is my conclusion: they're working black magic or something because these underwear are not a joke. Taking concepts from mens underwear (which they also make, so dudes, get at that. Girls like guys with nice underwear.) and combining their own secret techniques (voodoo?) they make underwear you wanna wear for life. Plus, they have really rad prints. Idk man, I'll take stripes and bright colors over silly slogans any day (Who is even reading those? Like really. Who?)

So if you love your butt like JLo loves hers, or if you're just sick of annoying underwear, get meundies. 

Not mine. Get your own. 
(Sorry, too easy.)

x J

ps. my talent for underwear puns has really come out these last few weeks.

pps. ((this is part of a series I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks on brands I love. Never forget my original promise - my love can't be bought with money or undies.))

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